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Our Equipment

Our equipment list below may or may not list all of the items we carry with us on our investigations, but we have listed our electronic items for other groups and individuals information.  If you have any questions on any of the equipment please send us an email at


Zmoda 4 Channel DVR w/ 4 Night Vision Cameras and 50" Tripods
 Stationary cameras for the locations you need to keep an eye on all night! Records straight to an internal hard drive.



LED Flashlights (Various Brands)
 It can be a bit dark and it helps to be able to see where you are going.

Multi-Color Flashlights
Our new guideline is for investigators to use a Red Light Flashlight while investigating. The Red isn't as harsh and works better in IR situations.


Maglite Flashlights
One of the newest forms of theory is that spirits can manipulate flashlights in order to communicate. We are still testing this theory and have interesting results. Testing: We are testing the theory that it is just a malfunction of the flashlight that the light comes on. Currently we are not able to prove that the contacts are warming and contracting to make the light come on. We will release more information when testing is more conclusive. 

Maglite Flashlight Communication Holders
These plastic holders are specially designed for a Maglite to be stood upright during a "Flashlight Session". These holders are made out of plastic to cut down on any interference or to prohibit energy to conduct via the holder. They are very lightweight and compact, easy to carry on any investigation. They also allow you to "set" the flashlight while it is in the holder, with enough of the flashlight barrel to grasp.


Thermometers (1) Sentry Non-Contact and (2) Cen-Tech Ambient
 We use these to get baseline temps of a location and to be able to capture any fluctuations.

K II Meters without switch (2)
 While the K II is capable of detecting EMF, we generally use them for a manipulatory (Question/ Response).


Lutron EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Tester/ Detector
 These we use to get baseline EMF readings and to document any fluctuations.

Mel Meter MEL8704 (GREEN)
 Another EXCELLENT tool! Detects EMF and temp. to cut down on how much you have to carry!


 Tascam DR-07 Digital Recorder
 This CD sound quality recorder is a must have. 

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders (5) VN480PC, VN4100PC, VN5200PC and RCA Recorders (2) Not pictured

 These are used to collect EVP's(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)  or disembodied voices heard at the time of investigation.




Ghost Box (Shack Hack) (2)

This "Shack Hack" was made by hacking a Radio Shack 20-125 AM/FM/ Short Wave radio. So far with testing it's been a very successful hack. We do not take credit for the information behind the hack, all credit for the idea is for Steve Hultay.  

Spirit Box P-SB7
 An ITC Research Device~AM/FM Frequency Sweep Radio that picks up EVP's in real time. (Not used for documented research.)


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC- H7
This digital still camera has a lot of great features! 8.1 Mega Pixels 15X optic zoom with an awesome IR feature for low light. 

Canon G9 12.1 Megapixel Camera
 Fabulous Digital Camera. Would not leave home for an investigation without it!!!


Sony Handycam DCR-DVD108
 This handheld cam is an excellent tool for when you are wandering and don't want cords. 

Sony DCR SR82 HDD Camcorder
 This camera is also ideal for when you are wandering, an even bigger bonus is that it has it's own internal hard drive. NO more changing tapes/ discs.


Sony Hi8 Camcorder (3)
 A very handy camcorder! Has a lot of features that are excellent for investigating.

Midland X-tra Talk 2 way Radios (4)
 For obvious reasons we carry 2 ways to keep in contact.


Sima Night Vision Video Light
 Easily attaches to Sony Handycams for a boost to your IR Night Vision. 

Phantom Lite IR Illuminator (2)
An EXCELLENT Illuminator to be used with any handheld camera/ camcorder with Night Shot. 


IR Flashlight
 An added boost for any Night Vision or IR camera. 

Laser Grid
 This laser grid puts out hundreds of laser points allowing us to see any movement or change in a room.


Moditronic Trifield Meter
 An excellent tool! Detects Ion, Static, and Magnetic Field's. 

Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector
While this piece of equipment is used to note energy leaks in a home...we are researching it's possible capabilities of detecting cold spots or warm spots in a location. 


 To know where you are when you have no idea where you are! It also is used for spirits to manipulate the magnetic fields.


 Dowsing Rods

These dowsing rods are made of copper. We utilize them for spirit manipulation. There are many uses and can have natural behaviors such as crossing over water.  

Film Roll

No Picture Available


 SVP Moditronic Deep IR Digital Camera
If this camera still worked it would be GREAT! Unfortunately the SVP isn't an ideal camera brand. It takes Deep IR still photos.


Electro Magnetic Pump

This pump puts out EMF into the air. It was devolped by Ryan Williams (retired co-founder). Unfortunately the testing on this piece of equipment ended but it did do a rather GOOD job of putting out EMF! NEWS!!! Ryan Williams is actively planning a SECOND generation of an EM Pump that runs on electricity instead of batteries. Stay tuned!