Antietam Paranormal Society
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Our Local Legends

Check back for all of the Local Urban Legend haunts in the area. 

All of our Local Urban Legends will include:

*Research (Historical, Geographical, and Lore)

*Our two stage investigation- First investigation without any influence over location....Second Investigation with Investigator influence.

*Then we will document what we did and what we found!

Is it fact or....fiction? 

Here is a List of Current Legends we are working on!!

Millers Church- Leitersburg, Maryland 

Elmer Derr Tunnel- Jefferson, Maryland

Spook Hill- Burkittsville, Maryland

Route 65/ Antietam Battlefield- Sharpsburg, Maryland

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Have a Local Legend that you think we should check out? Want to give us information on our current Legends we are researching? Please fill out and submit the form below!!! All personal information will remain confidential!