Antietam Paranormal Society
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The A.P.S. Crew

 The Founders

Rebecca Boyer

Co-Founder/ Case Manager

Lead Investigator~ Since 2008

 Jeremy Boyer 
Co-Founder/ Tech Manager
Lead Investigator~ Since 2008

Core Investigators

Ryan Oxley
Core Investigator
(Since March 2010)

Freddie Johnson, Jr.
Case Liaison
Core Investigator
(Since July 2010)

Shannon Greene
Head of Research
Core Investigator
(Since August 2010)


Video Investigators


Chris Davis
 Lead Video Investigator
Core Member
(Since March 2011)


Christian Gordon
 Video Investigator
(Since November 2011)

Auxiliary and Junior Investigators


Tiffany Brown
 Secondary Case Liaison 
Auxiliary Investigator
(Since March 2011)


Bobby Trigger
 Junior Investigator
(Since November 2011)



Antietam Paranormal Society's Group Structure:

Co-Founder: Group Leaders/ Lead Investigators (Co-Founders will not change)

Core Investigator/ Member: Core Investigators do most of the investigations and are an important part of A.P.S.

Video Investigator: Video Investigators are our visual documenters! They attend every investigation to capture the everyday investigation tasks and any paranormal anomalies.

Auxiliary Investigator/ Member: Auxiliary Investigators fill in when the Core Investigators are unable to participate in investigations.

Junior Investigator: All Junior Investigators MUST be 18-20 Years of age. They are the equivalent to Auxiliary Investigators. 

Non-Investigative Member: Non-Investigative Members do not participate in Investigations unless they are Ghost Hunts. Non-Investigative Members may be moved up into Auxiliary Investigator openings.

Research: Our investigators that do our research are devoted to finding historical, geographical, and everyday information about our locations. Deaths, Births, Battles, you name it! They will find all DOCUMENTED information regarding locations. 

Case Liaisons: Our Case Liaisons are our first line of investigation set up when we contact a potential client. They are the eyes, ears, and first voice when it comes to locations we seek to investigate.