Antietam Paranormal Society
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The Paranormal


 The Paranormal has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. The definition used today is "beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation". We have included some of our theories and beliefs from Antietam Paranormal Society right here on this page. We hope you find this information rewarding and interesting! 


What we consider Paranormal......

* Cold spots, drafts, or breezes with no natural entry point.

* Mists, shadows, or other unnatural visual anomalies.

* Disembodied voices, music, or other sounds that have no natural explanation.

* Unexplained smells (can be good or bad smells).

* Objects being moved (Including doors opening and closing, faucets being turned on, books, personal items, etc.).

* Strange feelings that are unexplainable. (Can include but not limited to euphoria, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.)


Potential Reasons For

Paranormal Occurrences/ Activity 

* Construction- Any type of construction in a building, home, or land that is taking place to alter it from what it was during the "spirits" time period. The reasons behind this could be they do not want it changed or the spirit attachment to the physical materials allow them to "reassert" themselves. One question we are asked is why is there no activity before construction but there is after? The spirits can go dormant after a time, this construction like we said before disturbs them in some way.
*Weather- Rain, humidity, thunderstorms, heat lightening, temperature, etc. Many things are said to increase activity. We are researching the potential of the weather to effect activity in locations.
* Stress/ Emotional Upheavel- The power of the human mind and body is so powerful that many experiences are thought to have occurred, create, or are instrumental because of human stress, emotional upheavel, etc. One example is a Poltergeist which is usually found to be due to a human agent and in many cases a young girl/boy reaching puberty.
* Moon Phase- While there are no firm statistics that show the moon phase has an impact on paranormal activity increase/ decrease, there are many who believe that it does. We are researching the potential for this, every investigation we do we document this information. If the moon affects the earth then it would go to show it would the paranormal.
* Bringing Someone Home!- There are many places that you go that have "spirits". Anyone could bring a friend home and not be aware of it. Spirits generally are pretty attached to people, places, and things in the location they are in, so this isn't usually the case. However there are times when you may acknowledge a spirit and they become "attached" to you, enough to follow you home. 
* Spiritual Locations- These locations are places where activity is going to be a given. They almost call to some spirits because of their connotations.
* Ideal Climate- When we say ideal climate we mean that the location just has the perfect elements for activity and for spirits to manifest in various ways. Near water, high emf, and any other natural element tha that would increase activity in any other location is usually prevalent here constantly.
* Historical Location/ Item- This means that a spirit could be attached to the building, land, home, or even an object. Why they are specifically attached to these physical things differs from case to case, but it is very common.
* Holiday/ Important Date or Time- In cases of the theory "Residual Hauntings" a date could be a potential reason for activity. If the date had special meaning to the spirit that is when they would show up. This also could explain reoccuring activity at the same times of day.

What we DON'T do....

* Seances

* Ouija Boards

* Cleansings 

* Rid your home of Spirits, Demons, etc. (In many cases we will refer you to your local Religious Representative)


Our View on "Orbs"