Antietam Paranormal Society
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Paranormal Pictures

Got a potential Paranormal Photo that you want added? Email it to us, with your name, the photo location, conditions during photo, and any brief comments you want added! We will post it right here!!! All photos will be added with name and information unless otherwise advised.

Longstreet's Tower in Gettyburg, PA 
Photo Taken By: Jeremy Boyer
Date: May 23, 2010
Conditions: Overcast/ Cloudy, humid, mid 70's 
Took several pictures of the tower before climbing to the top with the kids. Figured it was a smudge on camera screen or lens. The mist was not in any other photos taken at the time. 

Montpelier Mansion
Photo Taken By:Cathy Gasch
Date: May 2004
Conditions: Sunny Mid 70's

Picture 1: Chair setup photo was taken at approx 1pm with the sun to my left and behind tall trees.

Picture 2:  The two photos of the tent area were taken at approx 2pm with the sun to my rear and right. The one taken further back you can see the two ladies in red blouses (they are alive) but no one else was in the tent area, the second photo was taken when I walked about 3 yards closer and you can see "someone" leaning over a table in the far left corner. The person obscured the view of the basket I had placed on the table and was not in the photo taken just moments before!

Picture 3: Shows the same area as Picture 2 but notice the basket on the table that the figure in Picture 2 was blocking out. 


Picture Taken By: Rebecca Boyer with a Canon G9
Location: Engine 1 (The First Hagerstown Hose Company) Hagerstown, Maryland 
 Light Sources: Above me on the ceiling and up the steps to the right of the Mist.
 I was by myself in this small hallway, during our walk through of the location. The room behind me is completely dark, the small hallway in front of me has a closet to the right and a staircase next to that.